Friday, September 30, 2011

Blue Star Service Banner Presented to Mother of Three Servicemen

Following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the American Legion reestablished a tradition dating back to World War I, when banners were given to parents as an unofficial symbol that they had a child in active military service. The blue star on the flag represents one family member serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, and a banner can have up to five stars.
While many one and two star service banners have been given out over the years, it is very rare for a parent to have three or more children serving simultaneously in the service.
The members of Charles S. Hatch Post #79 recently presented a “3” Star Service Banner to Ms. Tracy Steeves of Cape Neddick, Maine. Tracy has three sons serving on active duty in the Air National Guard, the Army and the Marine Corps, respectively. They are: Staff Sgt Jeffrey Greenlaw, currently stationed at Pease International Trade Port in Portsmouth, NH; SPEC4 Jake Greenlaw, currently serving at Ft. Drum, NY and Pvt Jared Greenlaw, stationed at Camp LaJune, NC.
The members of Charles S. Hatch Post #79 salute Jeffrey, Jake and Jared for their patriotism and service and thank Tracy for instilling in these young men the courage and character to serve our country.
Photo caption: Recently, members of Charles S. Hatch Post #79, The American Legion, presented a three Star Service Banner to Ms. Tracy Steeves. Shown from left to right: Post Commander Ronald Vigue, Tracy’s mother Ginny, Tracy and her father, Mr. Warren Steeves. (Photo by Robert Place)