Friday, April 13, 2012

Hannaford Helps YCCC Look Toward Culinary Future

By Larry Favinger

Staff Columnist


The Hannaford Center for Culinary Arts was officially opened Tuesday at York County Community College.

The new culinary arts center provides space for 32 students at one time, double the capacity of the old facility.

The Hannaford Charitable Foundation donated funds for the project supported by the Foundation for Maine’s Community Colleges. The community college foundation received $500,000 from Hannaford for this and other projects at the state’s other community college sites.

“This expansion allows us to better serve our students and provide well trained employees to local businesses,” said YCCC President Charles Lyons in a prepared release. “Hannaford’s financial support was a key to making this happen.”

Lyons did not attend the ribbon cutting ceremony as he is recovering from surgery.

Beth Newlands Campbell, Hannaford’s president, said the company’s donation was “an investment in our community” as it aids in educating the state’s work force.

Campbell noted the importance to the state of Maine of the hospitality industry adding that the York County Community College is helping train “the next generation” of those who will keep that industry healthy.

Charles Galemmo of the Culinary Arts Department said efforts were successful in upgrading the program but “we didn’t have the facilities” to match that upgrade. As an example he said it was difficult to teach 16 students how to sauté on only 12 burners.

“But now, thanks to Hannaford,” he continued, “we have facilities which gives them 40 burners” and those students each have their own workstations.

Beth Shorr, president of the Community College Foundation, said Hannaford has a history of support for the community college system. She termed the total donation of $500,000 “an incredible gift.”

Beth Walker, a student in the culinary program, and Shorr and Campbell cut the ribbon officially opening the new center.

In addition to added space much of the equipment was upgraded. These improvements included adding five 10-burner ranges, three 32-inch char broilers, a confectionery guitar cutter, an 1800-watt sugar lamp, and assorted chocolate molds.

Culinary arts is a 17-credit program that allows students to complete it in less than a year and could not be easily implemented without the renovations. Faculty is also exploring other new program concentrations that are now possible because of the renovations.

Based in Scarborough, Hannaford Supermarkets operates 179 stores in Maine, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. The company employs more than 26,000 associates.

The Hannaford Charitable Foundation was founded in 1994 providing financial support to nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving the communities where Hannaford operates.

The Foundation for Maine’s Community Colleges is dedicated to ensuring that the state’s community colleges have the resources they need to provide a high quality, affordable, and accessible college education for Maine people.

York County Community College was established in 1994 and is one of seven community colleges in the Maine Community College System. It enrolls over 1,600 students in associate degree and transfer programs and over 2,500 individuals in non-credit continuing education and professional development areas.

Photo Caption: Beth Shorr, left, president of the Maine Community College Foundation, and Beth Newlands Campbell, president of Hannaford Supermarkets, take part in the opening of the Hannaford Culinary Arts Center at the York County Community College in Wells. (Photo courtesy of Larry Favinger)

Video Featuring Kennebunk High School Students to be Distributed State Wide


Maine’s Spirits Industry presented Secretary of State Charlie Summers with contributions to purchase 500 copies of the video “Point of No Return,” a video with a powerful lesson for young people on the dangers of drinking and driving.

During his “Conversations With the Communities,” Kennebunk Police Chief Robert MacKenzie, who invited the Secretary to view the film, approached Secretary Summers. “I was so profoundly affected by the message of ‘Point of No Return’ and impressed by the quality of the production, that I wanted to make sure every high school student across Maine has the opportunity to see this for themselves,” stated Summers.

Video Creations locally produced “Point of No Return,” after Chief MacKenzie approached them with his idea, and stars Kennebunk High School students. “The idea was to protect the kids in our community—in Kennebunk. We had no idea that it would turn out like this. They say it takes a village to raise a child, what we focused our time, energy and resources on was that it also takes a village to protect a child,” said Video Creations President L. Blake Baldwin.

Secretary Summers reached out to Chairman of the Maine Liquor Commission Peter Danton to discuss Teen Driver Safety and the message of “Point of No Return,” along with his desire to provide each high school with a copy of the video. Maine Beverage Company contacted the Office of the Secretary of State and committed to raising and/or donating the required money to make this effort possible. “Maine Beverage Company is proud to be associated with this great program and we commend Secretary Summers on his passion for this cause. We hope this contribution will further the cause of reducing the incidents of teenagers driving under the influence of alcohol,” said Maine Beverage Company President and CEO, Dean Williams.

Other contributors include White Rock Distilleries, MS Walker, Sidney Frank, Charles Jacquin and Cold River Vodka

“Former Senator Peter Danton played a key role in making this project a success. I want to thank him and all the contributors who participated in making the wide-spread distribution of this video a reality,” commented Summers. Secretary Summers is presenting a copy of this video to each of the high schools he brings his message of Young Driver Safety Awareness to and is making it available, free of charge, to all high schools across Maine. Additionally, because eight of the ten deadliest days for teen drivers occur between May and August, Secretary Summers is also encouraging schools to show this video to the entire student body in an effort to highlight the dangers of Drinking and Driving during prom and graduation season.

Five-0 Executive Chef Brings Back a Bit of Italy

By Larry Favinger

Staff Columnist


A special evening of dining is scheduled at Five-O on Shore Road next week for those who enjoy Italian food and wine like that served in Tuscany, Italy.

Executive Chef James Walter has recently returned from a visit to Il Falconiere in Tuscany, where he had the opportunity to work with renowned chef Richard Titi.

“It was amazing. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had as a chef,” Walter said during an interview Tuesday at Five-O. “It was a learning experience. You’re never done learning.”

Walter has been cooking since he was 15 years old “and never looked back.” He said being a chef is “not for everybody, but it is for me.” He has been an executive chef for more than four years.

The Thursday, April 19, event will be “based on the trip James took,” according to Jeff Porter, co-owner of Five-O with Doneto Tramuto. As the four-course dinner is served with the appropriate Italian wine, Walter will discuss it.

It starts with an anti-pasti and wine at 6:30pm in the lounge. Dinner is scheduled to begin at 7pm.

Reservations can be made by calling Five-O at 207-646-5001 or on the restaurant’s web site at The number of seats will be limited.

Walter said Tuscany is “a surreal place” due to its history, its architecture, its food and wine. He said this year’s Tuscany to Ogunquit event is “more than a dinner, it’s a great experience for everyone.”

According to a website devoted to Tuscany, the area has a unique culinary tradition, and is famous for its wine.

Diners will have two options per course. The menu is posted on the website, The cost is $65 per person plus tax and gratuity.