Friday, June 13, 2008

Guinness Book of World Records

By Ron Long
Staff Columnist

That will be the case if Jack Schoff has his way. The North Berwick resident will be submitting an application to the Guinness Book of World Record officials for having the most working clocks. The application must be accompanied by verification which will come next week when North Berwick Police Chief Steven Peasley and North Berwick Town Clerk Jan Belmain will be on hand to verify that Schoff has the 1,080 different clocks. The verification from these two officials, along with a video of the clocks, and a catalog of photographs of Schoff’s clocks will be all the proof that the Guinness Officials need. Then Schoff will take the record currently held by Germany’s Ulrich Kriescher who owns 921 working clocks. After eliminating duplicate clocks, Schoff will have the new world record of 1,080 clocks!
Forced to retire because of health problems, the 64 year old former pipe fitter and business owner resorted to fixing clocks for a hobby to keep his hands busy. Schoff had promised his mother who has since passed that he would be the Guiness Book of World Record holder of this category. The idea moved along quickly when his ten year old granddaughter, Taylor Schoff, helped him contact the officials needed to accomplish this dream.
The last steps needed to finalize his application, include verification by video and a photographic catalog. If any readers would like to help Schoff in his endeavor, please email

Caption: Jack Schoff in front of only a few of his many, many working clocks. (Weekly Sentinel photo)