Friday, October 29, 2010

Marshwood Middle School Thinks Reading is Dynamite

On October 20, Marshwood Middle School made its first ever music video to express the importance of reading. The video kicks off the school-wide reading challenge.
For the past three years, students at Marshwood Middle School have begun the school year with a reading challenge. As a school, encouraging students to be lifelong readers is one of Marshwood Middle School’s major goals.
What better way to get them pumped up to read than to make a connection to their world: music. This year’s challenge theme is music genres, so the Battle of the Bands has begun.
Each of the six teams are comprised of about 100 students, and each team is challenged to read approximately 500 books. The challenge will continue until a team reaches this goal. Students are documenting the reading process by completing a bookmark as they read.
Jamie Gagner of Fusion Dance Academy in Dover volunteered to lead and choreograph the whole school (580 students and 60 adults) in a hip-hop rendition of the song “Dynamite” by Taoi Cruz. The song lyrics were changed to represent the importance of reading at Marshwood Middle School.
Students learned about their challenge and then performed a hip-hop routine, dancing and singing along.
Marshwood Middle School principal, John Caverly, warmed up the students by dressing as a hip-hop artist and explaining the reading challenge to the student body. It was an afternoon filled with music, books, and laughter.
Photo caption: Marshwood Middle School students dancing in a school-produced music video, the kickoff event for this year’s reading challenge. (Courtesy photo)