Friday, June 22, 2012

Maine Diner Serves 6 Millionth Customer

Sally and Dick Henry, of the Maine Diner, pose with Clyde Raymond Curry, their 6 millionth customer, as he pretends to take a call from the White House. (Photo by Tim Gillis)
By Timothy Gillis
Staff Columnist

The Maine Diner on Route 1 in Wells served its six millionth meal Wednesday to Clyde Raymond Curry, a retired ATF agent from Dover, New Hampshire. Curry reveled in the attention, while he ate with four friends. “I can really ham this up,” he said, as photographers vied to get a good shot in the packed restaurant.
Dick Henry, owner for 29 years, offered Curry a smorgasbord of prizes, including ham, steak, turkey, gift cards, and a golf bag. Curry also drew the names of the $1,000 AAA travel voucher winners – Kati and John Maiuccoro, regulars to the Maine Diner from Albany, New York, who summer at their house in Kennebunkport.
Open since 1983, the classic blue-and-white diner is a local landmark on Route 1. With their devoted staff of seventy-five employees serving up equal parts of great food and warm hospitality, the diner has become famous around the world. Dick’s brother, Myles, a co-owner who passed away in December of 2010, always said, “We’re often imitated, but never duplicated.”
It took the Maine Diner twelve years to hit the one-million customer mark, but it has averaged a million customers every three-and-a-half years since then. Among its most recent accolades, the diner was named “Favorite Diner in New England” by Yankee magazine in 2011. The diner also earned the Phantom Gournet’s rating of a “90,” making it one of about seventy restaurants our of 2,500 rated in New England to earn such a high score.