Friday, April 6, 2012

Donato J. Tramuto Foundation and Physicians Interactive Award Grant to Frannie Peabody Center


The Donato J. Tramuto Foundation and Physicians Interactive (PI), the leading provider of online and mobile clinical resources and solutions for healthcare professionals, are proud to announce a joint grant award of $10,000 to The Frannie Peabody Center (FPC). The Center will use the funds provide direct services, including medical case management and housing assistance to people living with HIV/AIDS in Maine as well as HIV prevention services in the wake of discontinued government funding in the state of Maine.

The Frannie Peabody Center provides HIV prevention services to its local community in Southern Maine, and the contributions from the Donato J. Tramuto Foundation and Physicians Interactive will go towards the Frannie Peabody Center’s Emergency Medical Assistance Fund. This fund covers unpaid medical and dental costs incurred by clients in FPC’s case management program when MaineCare or private insurance doesn't, thereby providing clients with access to vital treatment and medication that they otherwise would not have received.

“Overshadowed by the debates now going on in Augusta, many people in the community don’t know that early in 2011, the Ryan White Part B Program discontinued reimbursements for many of the medical needs that our clients face each day,” said Patti Capouch, executive director, Frannie Peabody Center. “The monies awarded will go a long way in replacing some of those costs and is just another demonstration of the tireless generosity of Donato Tramuto and the trustees of the Tramuto Foundation as well as the many generous people who came out to support us that day. We are grateful to each and every one of them for making this possible.”

“The Tramuto Foundation’s longstanding philosophy has always been to help individuals or communities overcome obstacles they are facing,” said Donato Tramuto, founder of the Tramuto Foundation and CEO and Vice Chairman of Physicians Interactive. “Our nation’s progress and prosperity is dependent on the active involvement of its citizens, and investing in healthcare subsidy programs like the ones offered by the Frannie Peabody Center is essential to help reduce the burden of healthcare costs for people and families in need.”

The Donato J. Tramuto Foundation, which provides grants and aid to help disadvantaged youth reach their educational goals, awards two grants annually to organizations helping either an individual or community overcome a serious challenge.

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