Friday, December 2, 2011

Holly Roberts Named New Chamber Director


Jeffrey Pelkey, Chairman of the Greater York Region Chamber of Commerce, recently announced that the Board of Directors has promoted Holly Roberts to the position of Director.

Holly has most recently served the chamber members as the interim manager since the departure of Cathy Goodwin eight months ago. During her time as interim manager, Holly continued to perform her duties as business manager, a position she has held with the chamber for three years. Holly was originally hired in 2004 as the Kittery Welcome Center manager.

When the Board of Directors weighed the prospect of bringing in a new person, Holly’s wealth of experience at the chamber made the decision an easy one; the last several months have allowed the board to look at the position and the chamber as a whole, and it made good sense to promote from within.

“We have had wonderful success with the new venue for Harvestfest, our Icebreakers are a great opportunity for our members, our web presence (along with our Chamber App) has been wildly successful and our product remains a wonderful value for our members; much of this is due to the good work by Holly and the staff behind the scenes,” wrote Pelkey.

He continued, “We look forward to the changes coming in the future, and supporting Holly as she continues to work hard for our members and the Greater York Region as a whole.”

Photo Caption: Holly Roberts has been appointed as the new director of the Greater York Region Chamber of Commerce. (Courtesy photo)