Friday, April 8, 2011

1858 Surprise During Raitt Renovations

During roof renovations to the Raitt Homestead Farm Museum’s 1896 Main Farmhouse, a relic from years gone by literally fell out of the soffit, much to the surprise of everyone at the Farm Museum.
Tom Raitt, caretaker of the Raitt Homestead Farm Museum, was handed the 1858 revolver by JT, one of building contractor JD MacDougall’s crew, who was working on the soffitt when the revolver fell out.
“In addition to the 1858 revolver, two glass bottles and a powder horn were also found in the soffitt,” stated Tom.
The revolver was taken to the Kittery Trading Post where David Michniewicz, who was working in the gun department, instantly recognized the make of the revolver as an 1858 Beals Remington Revolver.
“I believe the revolver will still work even though it is in ‘relic’ condition,” stated David after checking the revolver over.
“He located a book that contained a description of the gun, how many were made and many other details about the revolver, so we could have the information and would be able to do some more research,” stated Tom.
According to Steve Beckert, President of the Raitt Homestead Farm Museum, the Museum plans to display the revolver at the 16th Eliot Antique Tractor and Engine Show in July and at the Mainely Grillin’ & Chillin’ BBQ Festival in early August are being discussed by the Board of Trustees.
“Every once in a while something occurs here at the Farm that takes you back in time to an earlier life of simpler times,” stated Trustee Alan Watson. “Finding that old firearm was such an event. Whose was it? Why was it hidden in the eave? One can’t help but wonder what part this revolver played in the lives of our predecessors here at the Homestead. I suppose we are left only to speculate what those events might have been.”
Photo caption: Relics discovered during renovations at the 1896 Main Farmhouse at Raitt Homestead Farm Museum. (Courtesy photo)