Friday, March 11, 2011

WHS Art Students Receive Regional Recognition in National Contest

Six Art students at Wells High School have placed in the Regional Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, a national competitive art competition sponsored regionally by Heartwood College of Art in Kennebunk.
The students are those of Vanessa White-Capelluti. According to White-Capelluti, 12 students entered the regional competition with 6 students receiving awards or honorable mentions. The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards recognize students with three levels: Gold and Silver Keys and Honorable Mention.
For the past three years, Heartwood College of Art has hosted the Regional Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. This creative competition is open to all Maine high school and middle school students from grades 7 through 12.
Those from WHS who placed in this year’s Regional Scholastic Art Awards include Megan Foster (Grade 12: 1 Silver Key Award for Photography Art Portfolio), Cheyenne Bastille (Gr. 12: Honorable Mention), Courtney Crawford (Gr. 12: Honorable Mention), Wantana Theerathampitak (Gr. 11: Honorable Mention), Emily Knight (Gr. 12: 1 Gold Key Award for Drawing, 4 Silver Key awards including one for Art Portfolio plus 1 Honorable Mention) and Kaley Merrill (Gr. 11: Honorable Mention).
Emily Knight received a Gold Key for her black and white drawing “Hatching Things Up.” As a result, she will be entered in the national competition of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, which will take place in New York City in the spring. Knight will also exhibit some of her work on March 19 at a ceremony at the Coastal House in Wells. At that time, the work of all Gold Key winners will be displayed. Entries that received a Silver Key will be presented in a slide show.
Another of Knight’s work, a computer generated drawing titled “Mixed Thoughts” will be on display in the Maine Art Education Association’s display for Youth Art Month at the Portland Museum of Art beginning in March. Knight says she will study art in college and hopes to become an Art teacher.
According to White-Capelluti the students’ artwork was entered in the contest in December of 2010.
“I always tell them they do good work and sometimes they are recognized for it; sometimes they aren’t. So celebrate the times when you are. They’ve all done so fantastic (a) job this year. So I was very pleased to see them rewarded.”
Photo caption: In the back row from (l to r) are Megan Foster, Cheyenne Bastille and Courtney Crawford. In the front row (l to r) are Wantana Theerathampitak, Emily Knight and Kaley Merrill. Emily Knight’s Gold Key Award winning drawing is on the table in front of the students. (Photo by Reg Bennett)