Friday, February 19, 2010

Noah Farrington Wins York County Spelling Bee

A student who is home schooled and from Alfred, Noah Farrington, won first place in the Annual York County Spelling Bee at Wells Junior High School on Feb. 9th. Reed Vanderlinde of Berwick Academy came in second and Macy Morrison from Marshwood Middle School came in third. All three are in the eighth grade.
The contest lasted 29 rounds. After the first couple of rounds no one had been eliminated, but after the mid-point of the competition, Farrington, Vanderlinde and Morrison were left to go back and fourth to the podium to face increasingly harder words. The contest eventually came down to Reed and Farrington and ended much later when Farrington spelled the words “vulnerable” and “colloquial.”
Noah Farrington will now represent York County at the State Spelling Bee in Portland on March 20th.
According to co-Governor of the York County Spelling Bee Vicki Aldridge, this is the twelfth year that the York County Spelling Bee has been held at Wells Junior High School. As in past years, two students were picked to represent each participating school. This year, nine area schools were represented. In addition, there were two home schooled students present.
Judges for the spelling bee were Rachel Kilbride, Marilyn Zotos and Anne Meadows. Wells Junior High School Assistant Principal Johanna Reinke was the event’s Spelling Pronouncer.
Co-Governors of the York County Spelling Bee are Aldridge and Lynn Mercier.
Twenty students qualified to participate in the 2010 York County Spelling Bee. Schools represented included Berwick Academy, Biddeford Middle School, Noble Junior High School, Saco Middle School, Marshwood Middle School, St. James School, Acton Elementary School, Notre Dame School and Wells Junior High School. Those representing WJHS included Tim Finley and Adrienne Perron.
Photo caption: From left to right are Reed Vanderlinde, Macy Morrison and Noah Farrington who placed in the 2010 York County Spelling Bee. Farrington, the winner, is holding the event’s mascot, “Spelling Bee.” (Reg Bennet photo)