Friday, January 22, 2010

Passionately Pink for the Cure at Five-O in Ogunquit

By Jim Kanak
Staff Columnist
Ogunquit will be in the pink, so to speak, on Saturday, Jan. 30. That’s when the Donato J. Tramuto Foundation and staff at the restaurant Tramuto owns in Ogunquit, Five O Shore Road, team up for a fundraiser to battle breast cancer. The restaurant will be hosting a brunch that day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., to help support the Susan G, Komen Foundation’s fight for a cure for breast cancer.
“Cancer and especially breast cancer is such a serious issue,” said Matt Linder, a manager at the restaurant. “Some of our patrons have been affected by it. We hooked on to their needs, wants and concerns. Cancer has affected all of us as a group significantly.”
Linder said Tramuto liked the idea of the fundraiser immediately. “He pledged to donate $10 for every diner that attends,” Linder said. “He’ll also donate a portion of the proceeds. We all try to reflect Donato’s interest in charity.”
The brunch will offer Five-O’s standard brunch menu, with a variety of crepes, waffles, and benedicts, as well as sandwiches from the lunch menu. Reservations are not necessary, Linder said. Guests should simply arrive between 10 and 2. “We’re calling it Brunch for Breast Cancer - Passionately Pink for the Cure,” Linder said. “We’ll all be wearing pink and we encourage people who come to wear pink.”
Linder said choosing to partner with the Susan G. Komen Foundation was easy. “They’re one of the leaders in the fight against breast cancer,” he said. “This is a cause we really believe in. When I was going around town and putting up posters, I heard some really phenomenal stories from people. People seem to be responding well to this.”
If you can’t make the brunch, or you’re not hungry that day, there’s still the opportunity to donate. “We have already had people come in and donate,” said Linder. “There’s an envelope in the cash register near the bar. Any donations go directly to the Komen Foundation.”
For more information, visit, the Five-O Shore Road facebook site, or call 646-5001. For information about the Komen Foundation and the work it does, visit
Photo caption: Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon. (Courtesy photo)