Friday, January 29, 2010

Hats for Haiti in South Berwick and Eliot

“What can we do to help?” That was the question asked by Maria and Robbie Christian and Sophie and Manu Ritchie in Eliot after the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti on Jan. 12th. Thanks to Amy Miller, South Berwick resident and active supporter of Life & Hope Haiti, and Grace Jacobs, World Ambassadors Club advisor, children in our community are given a chance to help.
The World Ambassadors Club at Marshwood Great Works School in South Berwick kicked off the fund raising to help the children of Haiti. They organized a Hats for Haiti day at their school. Sophie, fourth grader, and Maria, fifth grader, set up a table at the door of their school to collect money from students if they wanted the privilege of wearing a hat all day. This idea spread throughout the MSAD 35 district. Vicki Stewart, principal at Central School in South Berwick, says, “Seeing other students and adults wearing hats-it was a sea of hats wherever you looked-allowed children to connect and sent the silent message, ‘I care.’”
After seeing what her older sister’s school did, Manu, first grader at Eliot Elementary School, said, “Our school needs to do something, too!” Manu and Robbie, a third grader at EES, made posters to hang around school and in classrooms, announcing EES’ Hats for Haiti Day. They then collected money from fellow students and teachers. When Robbie was asked, “How do you feel knowing that you are helping the children of Haiti?” his response was, “Helping the people of Haiti makes me feel happy and proud…and awesome!”
Hats for Haiti has raised over $3,000 at the three schools. The money will go to Life & Hope Haiti, a non-profit that MGWS has partnered with in the past to support the Eben Ezer School in Milot, Haiti. Currently, its founder, Lucia Anglade, has a mission to help her sister, Sister Claudette Charles. Sister Claudette’s facility, Aisle Saint Vincent Paul in Leogane, 20 miles west of Port-au-Prince and 5 miles from the earthquake’s epicenter was completely destroyed and many people there have died or were badly injured. The MSAD#35 community is collecting medical supplies, shelter materials, clothing and shoes for the victims in Leogane. Life and Hope is preparing for the long haul, raising funds and gathering emergency supplies to send down. If you would like to make a donation, please go to Article by Nicole Gastonguay Ritchie.
Photo caption: Manu Ritchie and Robbie Christian collecting money for Hats for Haiti at Eliot Elementary School. (Courtesy photo)