Friday, August 1, 2008

Local Writer’s Screenplay Filmed in
Kittery Police Station

By Devin Beliveau
Staff Columnist

“It’s not the things we do that define who we are. It’s what happens next.” That is the tag line for the new film being made locally: “27 Down.” 27 Down is the title of a new mystery film by Wild Beagle Films, and some of its scenes are filmed in Kittery. “It’s a mystery thriller,” said Steve Hrehovcik, who co-authored the script with the film’s director, John S. Depew. “The film uses a crossword puzzle as a metaphor for the things that challenge the characters in the movie,” he continued, explaining the film’s title.
The filmmakers needed to shoot three scenes in a police station, and the Kittery Police Department stepped up. “We needed a location for a police chief’s office and Kittery Police Chief Edward Strong said sure, he was very helpful. Lieutenant Russell French was also very cooperative, and actually ended up with a cameo appearance in the movie. There’s a police chief office scene, a jail scene and a squad room scene, and the Kittery Police Department couldn’t have been more cooperative.”
Hrehovcik (pronounced Heh-ro-check) lives in Kennebunk and this is his first screenplay that will be produced into a film. “It’s exciting to see the words that you write come to life, and see things added that you didn’t know were there. A film is a collaborative effort, and it’s humbling and exciting to see the completion of the effort, to actually see the story that you envisioned in your mind.” Hrehovcik runs the Kennebunk Art Studio, has written for the York County Coast Star newspaper and The Tourist News, and is also a playwright.
Filming began in several Massachusetts locations in June, and the filmmakers hope to complete filming in August. 27 Down will be presented to theaters in Massachusetts when it’s finished, in the hopes of finding a distributor. Judy Coleman is the producer, and wife of director Depew.
Wild Beagle Films is based out of North Andover, Massachusetts and can be found online at

Caption: On the movie set of the independent film “27 Down” during production at the Kittery Police Station. Conferring on the script (center) are co-author Steve Hrehovcik and co-author/director John Depew. Holding the slate is Assistant Director of Photography, Jared Starr, holding the boom-microphone is Justin Karoway-Waterhouse. Portraying Police Chief Ben Stone in the film is actor Curt Fennell who stars as the lead character. (Courtesy photo)